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Starting March 3rd

A Different Way to Read the Bible 

          based on the Rob Bell book, What is the Bible?

Resources on the website include:

1. Week-by-Week Schedule - below.

2. Downloadable Syllabus, Study Guide, Meditations, & Journal for A Different Way to Read the Bible 7-week class.

3. Video - Orientation & Week 1 Overview  

4. Online Forum to Share Learnings - To join & leave your thoughts, click on "Christian Education" on the menu bar above, then select "Forum" & view the topic "A Different Way to Read the Bible" (or click here). 



View the video "Orientation & Week 1 Video" on the right; then, download & print the study guide by clicking on the link below. 

 Click to download study guide A Different Way to Read the Bible: Syllabus, Study Guide, & MeditationsWarning: It's 40 pages; if that's too long for your printer, copies will be available during the class.

To view videos specific to each week's session, scroll past the week-by-week schedule below & click on embedded videos and study guides provided.

First 7-week session    - For a detailed week-by-week syllabus (4 pages), click here

Week                     Topic                                                                                                                                      

     1                         Why You’re Probably Reading the Bible Wrong

     2                         A New Kind of Tribe; A New Kind of God

     3                         A Different Way to Read the Bible. (View video below for Week 3)

     4                         Dualistic vs. Non-Dualistic Thinking: A 4-Step Process to More Fulfilling Relationships.                         

                                             View video in Week 4 below.

     5                          Forgiveness: Jonah, the Assyrians, and the Fish

                                 Worry -  It’s Over-rated: About Pearls & Pigs

     6                          Summation: What’s the 3 Best & 3 Worst Questions to Ask When Reading the Bible

     7                          Applied Learning Using Rob Bell's Reading the Bible Process: Jesus, the Pharisees,

                                               & the Adulterer

Second 7-week session

Week                     Topic                                                                                                                                      

     1                         Did Jesus Have to Die?  (Ch.32)

                                Why Are There Two Genealogies of Jesus in the New Testament?  (Ch.29)

     2                         In What Context Can We Understand Sin?  (Ch.35)

     3                         Is the Bible True? Is It Inspired? How Do We Deal with Contradictions in the Bible? 


     4                         Is the Wrath of God Arbitrary (Trick Question)  (Ch.34)

                                Why Did People Just Fall Over Dead in the New Testament?  (Ch.31)

      5                        Predestination: What or What-Not?  (Ch.33)

      6                        The Word “Word” Appears 1400 Times in the Bible. Why?  (Ch.36)

                                Why is Leviticus in the Bible?  (Ch.30)

      7                         Dealer's Choice: Participants Select a Favorite Scripture to Share with Others

Week 3: A Different Way To Read the Bible.  

View video below & download A Different Way to Read the Bible: A 3-Step Process Workbook (2 pages)- click here.

Week 4: Dualistic vs. Non-Dualistic Thinking: A 4-Step Process to More Fulfilling Relationships (1 page)- click here.  

Week 5: Forgiveness - Jonah, the Assyrians, & the Fish