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Anglo-Catholicism embraces worship of the Triune God by sharing in worship rituals and practices that stretch back to the early Church.  At Solemn High Mass on Sundays, we participate in the divine mystery through chanted psalms and prayers and choral music.  Our worship centers around the sacraments, especially Baptism and Eucharist (Holy Communion).

Anglo-Catholic worship and identity have their roots in the nineteenth century Oxford Movement in the Church of England.  This movement sought a return to the pre-Reformation catholic traditions of the church.  In addition to affirming the centrality of Eucharistic, Anglo-Catholicism also asserted the importance of apostolic succession (the Holy Spirit’s presence in the church as passed on from the first apostles through the bishops of the church), the teachings of the early church, as well as catholic liturgical and devotional practices.   

At Christ Church, you will see colorful eucharistic vestments, altar candles and incense, all elements of Anglo-Catholic worship. Anglo-Catholic worship is both structured and beautiful, intended to appeal to the whole person, the heart and the mind, the senses and the spirit.  Worship at Christ Church helps participants to experience the mystery of God.  You will find chapels devoted to St. Mary, as well as rosaries, votive candles, and other aids to catholic devotion.

Anglo-Catholic faith is deeply incarnational.  We believe that God in Christ lives among us, and that God enters our physical reality in Jesus. As Jesus walked and ministered among those who were poor and outcast, we believe that those on the margins must be brought to the center of our life together—in the preaching of the gospel, in sacramental practice, and in the life of our community.  

Historically, Anglo-Catholic churches have embraced the catholic tenant of preferential treatment for the poor, and many Anglo-Catholic churches are involved in ministry to the poor in urban contexts.  Christ Church has been instrumental in ministering to those who are hungry and homeless in our community.  Both Metropolitan Ministries and the Community Kitchen started here at Christ Church, and our members remain active in these ministries today.