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3 Ways to Give

  • eGiving - click here to give

    • Click on the video to the right for a quick eGiving Orientation video

  • Mail Donation - First, complete the Pledge Card at the bottom of this page, then mail your check to the church. 

  • During Worship Service - see you Sunday !

Why Pledge? 

Three reasons to consider

  1. To demonstrate your commitment to your beliefs

  2. To support those ministries important to you & your Community

  3. To provide the vestry & ministry leaders a means to responsibly plan for offerings vitally important to all of us

You can complete a pledge card online below.

eGiving - How to eGive
eGiving Orientation & How To Video

Flower Donations

What a wonderful way to recognize and memorialize someone you love.  Join your fellow Parishioners in decorating our magnificent High Altar and/or St. Mary's Chapel with flowers. It is $78 for the High Altar or the Lady Chapel; $108 for both; or $38 for the side chapels.


During Christmas and Easter, the unparalleled beauty of poinsettias, lilies, and accompanying flowers can be donated for $25 each.

Drop your donation in the collection plate, or if you prefer giving online, complete the form below, and, after completion, you will be redirected to the eGiving page.

Music Fund

In 2018 long-term Christ Church member, Barbara Kelley, established a scholarship fund at Christ Church to help young people in the greater Chattanooga area to access quality music education. 


Barbara is a member of Christ Church Choir and other choral groups in Chattanooga and has been a long-time supporter of the Chattanooga Bach Choir.  It is her birthday wish that the community of Christ Church be able to help talented young people to develop their musical gifts. 

Flower Fund Donations

$78 for High Altar or Lady Chapel Altar; $108 for both; 
$38 for side chapels; $25 for Christmas
or Easter flowers.

Please note that during Lent, we will not be decorating the altars with flowers except for Laetare Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Lent.

Flower orders must be in no later than Wednesday of the week you want them for.

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